Mental Health Awareness

neon signage

During this Pandemic……..lots of people are adapting to a new way of life in the UK and all over the World.  How can we manage our mental health in these strange times, where things feel very uncertain and our anxiety levels are high.  It can be difficult if we have been experiencing issues with our mental health prior to this Global Crisis…what can we do to ease those feelings of depression, anxiety etc. 

Being kind to our selves and other people is important; as human beings crave for connection with other people…we are tribal. It is important to be there for those who are struggling…let them know that they are not alone and show each other that we care.  Think of new ways that can give you focus e.g. learn something that you have always wanted to do… creative….painting, poetry….or write a journal to help let go of those difficult feelings and emotions. 

Stay Safe and be considerate and be kind to yourself and other people who are possibly alone, and have No one to talk to, get to know them…find out who they are as a person. We can do this if we pull together…….





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