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I’m in it with you.

I’m not here to fix you.

I’m not here to feel it for you.

I’m here to feel with you and

let you know you’re not alone.

” Dr. Brene Brown.”

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For most of us, it is about being with the family and opening presents and having a lovely time. Christmas can also be a difficult time for people; it can remind them of not such happy times. It could be the loss of someone who is not there….or a break up of a relationship. Perhaps, your someone who is in an abusive relationship or you are experiencing difficult memories from your childhood. Experiencing difficult emotions and feelings around Christmas is hard to endure, especially when there is so much pressure to be Happy ! The New Year 2019 is now here, and again so much pressure to do great things. Perhaps you have wanted to understand the impact of life events and want to change the way you feel about yourself or relate to others. Taking that first step to positive change is the best New Year present you can give yourself or at any time of the year. Be Brave and take steps to make changes for you.

Make it a Positive 2019 and by working together we can exercise that emotional muscle….

Please contact me on the link on my main page so that we can arrange a appointment to start this process and l shall walk along side with you on this journey together….